Rockin' Roo and Roo Two

Rockin' Roo wants to come to YOU!

 Each class our swingin' kangaroo pal, Rockin' Roo, along with her baby, Roo Two, will make an appearance and teach us a rhythm.  Download and design your very own Rockin' Roo and Roo Two and bring them with you to class to do our Rockin' Roo dance!  We suggest printing onto cardstock and securing to a popsicle stick to create a Rockin' Roo puppet.

Take pics and videos of all the fun things Rockin' Roo and Roo Two will do with your family at home and share in one of two ways:

We can't wait to see what you come up with and follow Rockin' Roo's adventures within the TwT community!

A very special thank you to Lisa Peck for designing and creating Rockin' Roo, Roo Two, and the guitar.  Thank you for sharing your talents, Lisa!

CLICK HERE to Download the Rockin' Roo and Roo Two PDFs