Class Descriptions and Class Schedule

Babies with Beat (0-12 Months)


Thursdays @ 11:15-11:45

Bond with your precious infant through our nurturing bounces and tickles and watch the joy on your baby's face as we explore rhythm instruments, gather around large group drums, play a game of peekaboo with scarves, and sing fun songs with puppets, baby signing, and more!

Munchkins with Melody (12-23 Months)


Wednesdays @ 9:20-10:00

Toddlers are the worlds greatest explorers!  There's no sitting still in this class as we dance and groove to exciting action songs and explore rhythm instruments galore, gathering drums, scarves, parachute play, puppets, and more!

Tots with Tempo (Main Class Open to Ages 0-5)


Wednesdays @ 10:15, 11:10 & Thursdays @ 9:20, 10:15

Tots with Tempo is our main class open to ages 0-5, making it ideal for siblings.  While the majority of participants are 2-3 years old, every activity is easily adaptable to all mini maestros up to 5 years of age.

The fun includes singing, dancing, fingerplays, puppetry, action songs, parachute play, scarves, ribbon streamers, hula hoops, gathering drums, and rhythm instruments galore!

Kids with Cadence (Pre-K, Ages 4-5)


Wednesdays @ 1:15-2:00

The perfect prep course for instrumental lessons!

You asked for it and we delivered!  Our newest class, KWC builds upon the exciting music play activities in Tots with Tempo while introducing more concrete music theory concepts in a way that is fun and memorable.  Parent participation is optional.

2019-2020 Season Schedule (Runs 9/11-6/11)

Wednesday Class Schedule


9:20-10:00        Munchkins with Melody

10:15-11:00      Tots with Tempo

11:10-11:55      Tots with Tempo

1:15-2:00          Kids with Cadence

Thursday Class Schedule


9:20-10:05        Tots with Tempo

10:15-11:00      Tots with Tempo

11:15-11:45      Babies with Beat